A Proactive Approach to Recruitment

What We Do

We believe in taking all the time-intensive pieces of the talent-recruitment process away from you, so you can focus on your clients and grow your business.

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Decades of Knowledge & Experience

Using our nearly 30 years of combined experience in wealth management recruitment, we tap into our extensive network to find the advisors, agents and executive leaders you need to grow your business faster. We take a proactive, win-win approach to recruitment, keeping our eyes and ears open for unexpected opportunities and untapped potential.


Here’s a sampling of the talent placements we conduct across the country:

Financial Advisors & Agents

  • Wealth Management Leaders
  • Sales Advisors
  • Service Advisors
  • Portfolio Managers
  • Insurance Agents

Executive-Level Leaders

  • Operations
  • Client Support
  • Compliance
  • Financial
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Marketing
The 5-step process we follow to find the right people for your team

Our Talent
Recruitment Solution

1. Discover

We listen carefully to learn your goals, the type of candidates you’re looking for and the impact you want each one to have on your business.

2. Develop

We create a detailed recruitment strategy for you, looking for highly talented people with the competence, character and chemistry you crave.

3. Search & Screen

We use our vast national network — and knack for getting past the gatekeepers — to find and pre-qualify candidates in terms of skills, interest and fit.

4. Present

After a thorough vetting process, we submit well-qualified candidates for your consideration, adjusting our search as necessary.

5. Close

Candid discussions with both parties helps us decide next steps — everything from proceeding with references to negotiating the offer and handling counteroffers.

Your Talent and Succession Solution

Grow Your Firm.

We find the right talent for the practice you want to build.